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Uses the new, faster, powerful and secure Antares engine.

Two versions: Classic or Premium

Flexible configuration

More than 60 functions and reports

Price structure makes it affordable to all size services


Services Manager 4

There is a trend to combine services into multi-service organizations (MSOs).  Antares Services Manager seamlessly connects all services together in a multi-service outlet, allowing each service to operate independently, while at the same time provide options to manage them as one integrated agency. If you are interested please

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The ability to communicate means the ability to collaborate effectively across time and space. It is key to making organisations effective in the “new economy” and in 2012. Antares System provides tools  for both computer technology and design of the business to work seamlessly together. It can be easily adopted by all sizes and provider types. With its economies of scale, ease of use and access, it improves productivity, efficiency and quality of service provision and at the same time, dramatically reduces the administration costs.

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